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Green Candle (GC): token of the Green Candle project training platform
We plan to put the token on the TOP-CEX exchange, as well as:
Expand pool lineups on DEX exchanges
Add bi-currency investing and portfolio products
Green Candle
is a product of the Chief Crypto Channel team
The channel has been operating for five years: and this is something few people can boast about in the current crypto market.
The author of the channel has many publications in the media
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How to place Green Candle in a pool on PancakeSwap and earn passive income
How to buy Green Candle on DEX exchange PancakeSwap
GC contract address
August 2023
Green Candle launch
Stages of GC token development
January - March 2024
November - December 2023
Access to CEX exchange Tier1
Launch of P2P service
November - December 2023
December 2023 - August 2024
Opening of additional pools on DEX exchanges
Investment and portfolio products
November - December 2023
April - July 2024
Opening at least 5 pools on DEX exchanges
Launch of activity reward system for community
October 2024 - April 2025
Launching an asset tokenization platform
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